Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Encounters: My First Encounter

Sat. Feb. 16, 2013
PART 1, Pages 1 & 2: My First Encounter

     On a nice summer afternoon at 4:00 P.M. in the year 2005 ... a Squirrel stared right at me.

       "Okay," I said aloud to myself. At the time no one else was home but me. 

     The squirrel saw me. It glared at me, and it ran away when I moved forward toward the second door to let in some fresh air.

"Oh, yes!" I said. It was a squirrel that was very hairy and cute to look at. Immediately, I fell ... in love with it so quickly. But I could not tell the gender. It could be a male or female, but really who cares about that right now. It came back climbing upwards beneath the balcony, and it saw me stepping outside. And again, it ran downwards. It slipped quickly down the balcony walls. Down it went...

I said to myself, "Mm, hmmm."

"Mmm!" I said out aloud. "Wait, just a bit, just a bit, a bit," I whispered to myself.

But, later that same day at 5:30 P.M. It arrived again. I watched it for a little while ... I decided to take a stool and some peanuts outside to snack on. The squirrel saw me opening the double glass door facing my right-hand-side, and it ran off again.

"Ooh well! Ooh, well!" I sighed. I said to myself, "It will come back." Yes! of course it did. It came back all right. Not scared this time around, but kept its distance away from me below the balcony--floor.
     The squirrel came back up slowly onto the balcony--floor. It was on the left hand side of the balcony, and I was on the right-hand-side of the balcony. I sat down on the stool and began to eat the peanuts, and it stood there half scared and half not scared. It just stared at me some more times whether to make up its mind to approach me or not. Then it took one step, two steps, three knelt down...

"Okay!" I said.

I threw some peanuts its way and it picked one up and sat down and began to eat. It ate from one peanut to the next, to the next, to next. Half of its eyes watching me at all times. Looking to see if I'll make any move to catch it or be a threat to it.

"Well," I said.

Well, it has never been my intention. I like the squirrel. I thought that it was cute to look at. Later I stood up from my stool, and it felt threatened and ran back down below the apartment -- ground.

I said out aloud, "See You...y-e-a!" "SEE You...Y-E-A!"

Summary of The Meaning of ME (My Encounter)

“A true story about my first and later encounters with a squirrel that I truly believed to be one of the smartest, most brilliant, wisest creatures that I have ever seen in my life time. This animal was able to convince me and my husband to not only accept its presence living on our balcony—floor, but also to feed, shelter, and accept it as a member of our home outdoors. Initially, it was doubtfully accepted to becoming un-doubtfully accepted. The squirrel wins and works its way to being accepted by me, then by my husband. ‘Squirrels’ as ‘pets’ was all I could think of later on—yes, a ‘squirrel’ ‘pet.’ Okay, could be a good idea—maybe not. We both guessed—so hilarious. Eventually, we both had to face the facts of life—reality sets in whereby the squirrel is left behind to start life all over again—sad, sad, ending. Whatever happened to the squirrel afterwards? Readers be my guess! What a surprising and a hilarious story full of life, excitements, fun and kindness. You’ll enjoy reading every bit of it. Get a handkerchief to wipe your tears from laughter and sadness.”

Lin Douglas Richardson, Author
Virginia, USA